Friday, January 22, 2010

Guys, I recently got 2 sleek palettes from UK!! I'm really really excited and can't wait to blog about it and today finally I get a chance to do it. They have so many great eyeshadow palettes to choose from and I decided to try Safari and Storm. I'm impressed! The color is so pretty and pigmented. Totally a hit! Here are my sleek palettes:

The one on the left is Safari and the right one is Storm

Safari palette's swatches:

Storm's palette's swatches:

Safari is colorful, playful, and fun. Storm is more natural, easy to wear, perfect for everyday look.

I would say that they are impossible to find here in States but I want to get more of them. They are amazing.
I want to CP them right from UK. If you're interested with these palettes, shoot me an email at whiteangel1419 [at] so we can combine our shipping.

Sleek have several palettes that are permanent:

and some that are limited edition:

My next palettes will be Graphite, Original, Curious, and Sunset.

How about yours?


  1. Dudis said...
    Olá, elas são realmente lindas, cá em Portugal também não há, e não tenho como pedir pela net, mas adoro apreciar, obrigada por partilhar, bjos doces
    Musicalhouses said...
    They're pretty, aren't they? :) I esp like the Storm..
    Bea said...
    Great! im lemming for this one. It would be nice to show us some eotd and fotd's using this. :]
    laters. xoxo
    Anonymous said...
    Thats it! Its official! I am in love with your blog!
    fruityglitz said...
    I was in London a couple of months ago and fell in love with these palettes! but unfortunately my favourite (graphite) was impossible to find. they are great!!!
    Julissa said...
    I just recently got original and acid. I love them. I think they're site is going to start selling products and they'll be able to ship to the US, so that's awesome.
    superchuboink said...
    ohhh..the storm palette is cute :) love the shades :D
    ~AnGeL~ said...
    Yes, they're so beautiful.. I made a great invesment.. LOL...
    My graphite palette is on its way.. (yey!)

    Good idea Bea! I'll post my FOTD when I'm wearing this shadows.. :D
    Musicalhouses said...
    These palettes look so pretty! :) Love them!
    StuddedLilly said...
    hey by the way i'm having a giveaway as well for Valentine's Day! please check it out!


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